ADEY's Nick Barsby Re-elected to LCA Committee

ADEY are pleased to confirm that Nick Barsby, our Commercial Water Testing Manager, has been re-elected as an Independent Committee Member to the Legionella Control Association for a further 3 years. Nick has previously served on the LCA committee for two years and played a pivotal role in helping ADEY become registered members of the LCA in 2018.

Having recently being granted UKAS accreditation for Legionella testing using the revolutionary MALDI-ToF confirmation technique, ADEY are now at the forefront of Legionella testing in the UK. Our state of the art Microbiology laboratory in Sittingbourne, Kent, includes a devoted to pathogen laboratory for MALDI-ToF confirmations, which enable ADEY to report confirmed Legionella results on our routine reads of 5 and 10 days after incubation, this is 2-days quicker that the traditional culture method and still follows the Legionella ISO (ISO11731).

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By providing instant MALDI-ToF conformations ADEY are able to remove the risk associated with presumptive results. By offering a speciated Legionella result ADEY can support with the LCA objective of raising industry standards, as the traditional confirmation agglutination technique for Legionella confirmations identifies XX species; whereas using MALDI-ToF ADEY can identify over 35 different strains of Legionella. This provides additional confidence in our data as well as highlighting and differentiating between areas with primary and secondary Legionella contamination.

An example of this would be a systematic issue of a particular strain of Legionella, such as Legionella anisa, caused by poor maintainence of Water Storage Tanks, and an asset level issue with a poorly maintained shower head that has become contaminated with Legionella Shakesperiie. Using traditional techniques both results would be reported as Legionella species; however, using MALDI-ToF ADEY would be able to identify between the two different strains of Legionella, for no additional cost and two days quicker.

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The LCA is a non-profit organisation which primarily assists its members in maintaining a safe water system reducing the risk or prevalence of Legionella within them. By raising awareness of the factors causing the presence of this organism, they can increase understanding of the risks that a poorly maintained system can present.

The LCA is held in the highest regards within the industry. To have both LCA Membership and to support the industry by allowing Nick to raise the laboratory sector profile within the committee is at the core of ADEYs foundations of sharing knowledge and innovating industry. Nick went on to comment:

"The LCA have achieved so much over the last twenty years. Its an honour to be re-elected and to be able to play a part in helping members and potential members continue to raise standards throughout the industry. I certainly feel that ADEY, as an organisation, are playing their part by investing in market leading technology such as MALDI-ToF confirmations."

With industry experts, MALDI-ToF confirmations and rapid reporting of BSRIA chemistry, alongside our extensive network of drop offs within the South East of England, we are in an excellent position to become your specialist Legionella analytical partner.

To request a quotation, please contact us at the following:

01795 411542

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