Enhancements to ADEY’s Commercial Analytical Services

ADEY continue to develop and enhance our commercial analytical service offering from our UKAS accredited laboratory at the Kent Science Park. We offer an unrivalled standard turnaround time of 3 working days for chemical testing and have further strengthened our offering by updating our Sample Submission documents to aid new customers in transferring their testing to our accredited laboratory.

The update to our sample submission forms follows extensive development in the logistical and laboratory offering provided by ADEY which has seen the business grow exponentially over the last 6 months.

Download the ADEY Sample Submission Form.

Since January 2018 the team have:

• Acquired UKAS Accreditation for Closed System Chemistry

• Expanded our range of Drop-off Locations

• Increased our portfolio of testing to include Chlorine, Bromine and Azole

• Invested in a new Ion Chromatography unit for Anion & Cation analysis

Upon developing the updated sample submission forms, Nick Barsby, ADEY’s Water Testing Sales Manager, comments:

"The laboratory team at ADEY have been working hard to increase our analytical capability over the last few months. As part of these developments we are also developing the way we interact with our clients. The development of our Sample Submission forms is the first stage of many new and exciting announcements to come from ADEY in the next few months."

To find out more about ADEY, including our range of market leading commercial and domestic magnetic filters or expanding analytical offering please visit our website or contact the laboratory.

The team can be reached commercialtesting@adey.com or by calling 01795 411542.

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