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We offer warranties on our filters, some of which are good for up to 10 years. Register your ADEY® product here to ensure you’re covered.

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Compare products. Find technical specs. Get step-by-step servicing advice. Use our manuals and brochures to understand the finer product points.

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If you’ve got a problem, just get in touch. Our customer support team is ready to help with advice, guidance and anything else you need.

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Use our savings calculator to see how much ADEY could save you. Enter a few details about your home, click a button and we’ll tell you how much our products could cut your heating bill by.

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Get straight to the products you need in a few clicks. Simply tell us about the property type and size. We’ll give you a list of the best ADEY products for that job and where to find them.

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Check to see if your heating system needs the extra protection of a scale reducer. Enter the address to see if the property’s in a hard water area.

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