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Magnetite is the number one contributor to heating breakdowns. Every day corrosion occurs within a heating system. If left untreated, this builds up magnetite causing cold spots on radiators and baseboards, making heating inefficient and putting unnecessary strain on the boiler.

With products and practices designed to put an end to corrosion and magnetite, ADEY®’s here to save everyone’s heating. Our magnetic dirt filters, water treatment formulas, and advice will reduce energy bills, lower maintenance costs and protect boilers for longer.

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Our range of protection is comprehensive. Every product prevents damage differently, making our hydronic heating defense complete – we’ve thought of everything.

We’ve got system filters capable of capturing any size of magnetite particle. Our extra concentrated water treatment formulas clean and protect, keeping systems stronger for longer, and our water testing kit provides an explanation of the likely causes of system problems, helping you to restore total system health whilst on site.

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ADEY® Best Practice

We’ve developed ADEY® Best Practice, a breakthrough six-step approach formulated to tackle corrosion and defend all systems.

Clean to break down magnetite; MagnaCleanse® to flush the system; MagnaClean® to filter out debris; Protect to stop corrosion; Test to check the system’s health; Maintain to keep protection at its best.

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  • MagnaCleanseMagnaCleanse®
  • MagnaCleanMagnaClean®
  • ProtectProtect
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